11 Things You Need To Do To Protect Your Garden During Heavy Rain

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Our garden loves the rains, especially after the hot months, this is a very useful source of refreshment for the plants.  However, when heavy and heavy rain is accompanied by gusts of wind, it can harm and damage your garden.

Here’s what to do to protect your garden during the heavy rain season!

Follow these tips to protect your garden before, during and after a downpour…

Before The Rain

1. Remove dead bamboo shoots and branches 

Before a storm hits, remove any dead and other branches from your trees to make them as streamlined as possible to reduce wind damage. 

2. Tree Support

Heavy rain can pull trees up, so the tree needs to be firm against the wind by  supporting the tree with wood or metal that is dug deep into the ground and gently tied to the tree so that it protects the lower and weaker trees.  This will protect it from physical damage and block the effects of wind.

3. Drainage

To avoid overflowing in a lake anywhere in your garden and potentially flooding nearby plants, you must be sure to have adequate drainage.  Make sure there is a proper slope away from the garden, and most importantly, make sure the flow is not blocked.


4. Cover the saplings

Use waterproof mulch such as canvas to cover young and thin plants including herbs and vegetables, if raindrops are hard and persistent, make sure the mulch is tilted in the correct direction to ensure Ensure adequate drainage away from surrounding foliage.

5. Invert the layers of the compost bin

Make sure your entire compost is properly watered by flipping the bottom dry layer over.


6. Check Your Plant Origin

Once the rain has stopped, make sure none of the roots are exposed to the air due to soil erosion.  Recover them with soil or compost before they dry out and risk damaging the crop.

7. Check the pot and plant your new plant

Plants can easily become waterlogged if drained in time.  Check pots and plants before, during, and after the rain, and cover if necessary.

8. Get rid of slugs and snails

Wet conditions are a haven for slugs and snails.  Use organic ways to get rid of them .

And remember, in general, your garden doesn’t like rain. In fact, some cultivars will thrive, and moist soil conditions allow for some weed problems.

9. Uprooting wild species

Moist soils mean favorable conditions for weeds to grow. Take advantage of the first time they sprout, then root them out

10. Growing lettuce, herbs

Rain will be good conditions for growing herbs, salads, lettuce

11. Make the most of mint

This herb loves humid conditions and you should make a lovely cup of mint tea after a wet day.

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