5 Difficulties When Growing Plants On The Balcony And Solutions For You

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Most gardeners have some problems with balcony plants, so we’ve dug through and put together 5 really basic and common problems and a few hopefully remedial suggestions. that these tips will help you have an impressive green balcony

Difficulty growing plants on the balcony and the solution introduced from Love Planting

1. The balcony lacks sunlight

Usually, a north or east facing balcony is left empty or used as a “storage” for storing various items that are stacked on it to utilize the space.
Is that the right way to use a balcony?  The balcony should be an open space and you should use it wisely.

How to fix?

– Grow plants that tolerate shade or grow without a lot of sunlight.
Choose plants that can tolerate high humidity such as soil in a mostly shady space that is still moist.

2. Balcony has too much sunshine 

South and West facing balconies get plenty of sunlight for most of the day. It is a good thing to grow plants, but keep in mind that garden plants need different amounts of light, whereas potted plants have limited space to grow and they need a lot of water and nutrients. .

Therefore, it is essential for constant and regular watering, providing plenty of nutrients over time and proper maintenance on a South or West facing balcony.

How to fix?

– Provide adequate water for plants every week and fertilize according to the dose that plants need.
– Prune the plant every week to remove dead or damaged parts.
– Use clay pots, pots to keep the soil moisture.
– Grow vines, trees hanging on the railing to create shade for plants on the balcony floor.
– If the sun is a big problem, use an umbrella or net.

brown woven round basket on brown wooden table

3. Irrigation and drainage problems

This is a common problem with most balcony gardeners.

garden on terrace during daytime

How to fix it?

– The simplest solution is to put a layer of cobblestone in it.  The gravel allows the pots to drain.  They  can also be used for decoration.
The best solution is to use a self-watering planting system.  They allow the plants to be fully watered and soaked in water when needed, without much effort on watering.
– Another solution is line irrigation. You just need to put water in a path that connects to the pots. This ensures the pots stay well-hydrated and doesn’t take much effort. 
– Add hydrogels in the soil, they absorb excess water and allow you to go out for a few days without watering.  They maintain soil moisture when needed.
– You can grow drought-tolerant crops and succulents that don’t depend on water for irrigation

4. Obstruction of the wall or balustrade

Often you want the structure of the tree as a wall or railing on your balcony because you want more privacy.

How to fix it?

– Plant vines as they will also effectively create vertical space.
– Grow dwarf conifers or ornamental grasses
– Cover with a rug or cloth

5. Lack of space

This is the biggest problem when you start gardening on the balcony.

How to fix it?

– There is only one way to solve this problem, use vertical space
– Make a plan to make good use of every space, think other ideas and be creative.
– Planting trees on the side of the railing, planting vertical walls and hanging baskets.  Arrange old shelves and pallets to hold pots.

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