Creating a Harmonious Color Scheme for Your Garden: Tips and Techniques

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To make a beautiful garden! You have to choose your garden colors wisely. Garden colors are a combination of the many colors you use in your garden.

Four simple rules that will help you choose the perfect color palette for your garden

1. Size

What is your garden type?  What is the size of your garden?  Record its details, it’s important because there is one rule to follow: always remember, if your garden is small use only 03 or 04 shades of color.  If your garden is large, you can use up to 5 shades of color, but never overdo it, otherwise your garden will be messy.

2. Mood 

Warm colors are red, orange, yellow, purple, they represent energy and life;  while cold color is white, pink, blue, green, gray;  They represent calm and peace.  Use them according to the mood you want to create in your garden.

3. Use opposite colors

The growing red geraniums have white petals that leave a warm and vibrant effect, but there’s something cool about it, creating a very special atmosphere for your garden?

You can use vibrant colors – warm colors, combined with  elegant colors – cool colors.  Although the best option is to go for neutrals, use warm and cool tones alike, to get the best results.

4. Facility

Consider not only the paint colors on your walls, but also the ground or floor and the climate where you live.  Use dark colors in the highlights, bright colors in the dark spots and shadows to accentuate them.

White and blue gardenia flowers and pots are added background.

Additional tips

1.  Allow your garden to air out, don’t clutter it with lots of colors and fancy pots with too many colors, accessories and garden furniture.

2.  Don’t ignore your favorite color;  Apply it wherever you can, be creative.

3.  Use bright colors and remember a right pot according to its background.

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