5 Essential Elements of Modern Garden Design

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Modern-style gardens are trending in most major cities. To design a modern garden according to Joe – A garden design expert we need to pay attention to the following 5 basic factors:

5 basic elements in modern garden design

1. Surface

2. Maintenance level

3. Forming in vertical space

4.Focus – highlight

5. Light

1. Surface

Usually in modern garden design, the whole garden is tied together by a different context and linked together by a block. There is a water source, stone, bed garden and quality built-in planter that can be built into a garden with rendered walls and wooden bench inserts.

The land has the benefit of good housing for a vigorous growth of plants. This also helps raise objects to eye level, where they can be appreciated more. If your budget can’t design a unique garden, start with basic plants and then fill in the gaps.

2. Maintenance level

A modern garden is a low-maintenance garden. Because of this, a modern garden is designed in such a way that it will not be difficult to maintain. Self-watering method: planting and self-watering and the bed garden is very popular and the plants selected are mostly very healthy, popular often using grasses. It’s rare to see a modern garden planted with delicate flowers and part of the reason is to offer ease of maintenance.

Gravel and bark are used on top of weed proof carpets to reduce the need for weeding and custom built plantings or built in raised beds make it easier for the carpet to be locked. in place.

3. Diversity in vertical space

One thing people can easily overlook is changing the height of the landscape to take care of each level. Like an interesting natural landscape where the mountains in the distance get less obvious but as picturesque as they get closer to the horizon.

What makes a flat horizon more interesting is that we can see more and more and when we look up or down when there are points to look at. The same principles apply on a modern garden design. As the height of the landscape and drift changes our attention.

4. Focus – Highlight

In our list of modern garden ideas, the idea of ​​a focal point is essential. It is not only a point of contemporary garden design but one of the most basic principles in designing. A good design has a focal point that catches the viewer’s eye, which also filters out less important features from there.

Think of it as a graphic design, think what you like and then arrange all the details around it. A focal point can be anything from a modern planter, waterfall to a piece of sculpture. I have seen some really nice features like a tree placed in a large pot and located in a central place to make a statement.

5. Light

Garden design, night lighting is applied to give the garden a completely different look. By picking out areas of the garden with striking light and plant frames or design lines.

So there you’ve got a quick look at what makes a great modern garden. There are obviously many other factors involved in its creation, but these 5 basic modern garden design ideas are the most essential. Keep them in mind if you are looking to design your own modern garden or to get a more modern feel in your existing garden.

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