15 Ideas To Create Great Scenery For Your Vegetable Garden

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Creating a potted or Styrofoam vegetable garden at home is the simplest, easiest way you can have a bountiful harvest of fresh vegetables and fresh herbs in a limited space, while also creating Add a natural beauty to the terrace, balcony or yard of your house. Check out some ideas to create a great setting for your vegetable garden!

1. Vegetable garden with climbing plants

Cucumbers, as well as other climbing vegetables, are easily grown from a trellis, stake or any other way that the plant can hold onto.  These plants easily grow  in vertical space.  Try starting your vegetable garden from: cucumber plants, bitter melon (bitter melon), watermelon…

2. Vegetable garden with colorful or interesting, unique pots

You can brighten up your vegetable garden by choosing colorful or interesting, unique pots to grow your favorite vegetables and herbs.

3. Vegetable garden with hanging baskets

Don’t miss the idea of ​​growing herbs and vegetables in hanging baskets.  Tomatoes, strawberries, many other vegetables and herbs can be grown in hanging baskets.  It also creates an impressive space for your vegetable garden.

4. Start a vegetable garden with tomato plants

You can consider the idea of ​​creating a potted tomato garden, which is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to create a vegetable garden.  For those with small balconies or open windows that let in full sun, growing tomatoes in pots is not a bad idea. You can also use styrofoam boxes and don’t forget to impress them with outstanding luminous paint colors.

5. Try this vegetable garden idea with a vertical shelf

I really love the idea of ​​combining the colors of raw vegetables to create interesting layers of color, and why not?  You can grow fresh herbs and greens easily in a limited space by following this idea.

6. Vegetable garden with edible flowers

To add to the colors of the garden you can also plant more flowers, their color and beauty will accentuate your vegetable garden. You should plant some flowers that can be eaten ( the flowers you can try are roses, daisies, lily of the valley, etc. ). You can use them in salads or to garnish your meals.

7. Provide space for herbs in the vegetable garden

Your potted vegetable garden may not be full of vegetables, but you will need to grow some herbs.  Fresh herbs can enhance the flavor of your meal, so it’s a great idea.  You don’t have to grow all the herbs, consider adding 2-3 plants that you like best and that fit your space.  Parsley, thyme, mint , basil, coriander and more to choose from.  Can be used to grow them with a few small containers or hanging baskets, etc.

8. Tomato is the first plant you should choose to plant for your vegetable garden

Tomatoes are a wonderful and most important plant for your vegetable garden.  They  look so pretty and are so easy to grow! Choose 2-3 varieties and plant a few plants for a natural tomato harvest.

9. Add colorful varieties to the vegetable garden

Vegetables and herbs of varying textures, attractive leaves and colors can be a great addition to a potted vegetable garden.  They  can be combined randomly.

10. Vegetable garden with a unique use of potted plants

Use unique potted plants to create a dramatic look for your vegetable garden.  You can recycle and make your own potted plants or buy a few different shapes and sizes.

11. Play with height

If you don’t want your botanical garden to look boring, have fun with heights.  Do not use plants of normal size and height.  Instead, group large and small containers together, which creates visual appeal.

Gather plants of different heights to create a garden like layer effect.  To do this, place tall plants in the back and short and low crops like herbs and greenery in front.

12. Planting and growing lemon trees in pots

You want to grow lemons but stopped because you have no space left, if this is your situation, then growing a lemon tree in a pot is a great idea for you.  Grow it and leave it on the terrace, patio or indoors and you will be rewarded with its fragrant flowers and soft citrus fruits.  You can also grow it on the balcony, Meyer lemons are ideal for kitchens and balcony gardens, especially for non-tropical regions.

13. Promoting vertical vegetable gardening

The biggest challenge of city gardening is the limited space.  To beat this, use shoe racks, bookcases, and useful shelves to hold multiple pots.  If you’re a balcony gardener, take advantage of railings and hanging places.  Besides, there are many unique vertical garden ideas available here.

14. Start with the easiest and most productive vegetables 

Try continuous planting to continuously harvest with the highest yielding vegetables and the easiest to get motivated to maintain your gardening hobby.

15. Try One Pot Herb Garden Idea

Herbs are easy to grow and grow in a single pot.  We found this One Pot Garden idea on Southern Living to be an appealing idea to urban gardeners. 

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