Balcony Standing Gardening New Ideas

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Do you have a small balcony or yard and you want to develop it into a garden?  Well, if you arrange everything neatly and make use of every square meter of this space, you will be able to create a beautiful vertical garden that you will look at every morning when you wake up.

Vertical gardening on the balcony is definitely an idea that will inspire you to start designing an impressive garden in a narrow space. One thing you need to remember is that balcony gardening is not just about putting some pots and planting plants there.  It’s also the clever way you have to manage and optimize space.

Using vertical space is part of this exciting and challenging task. To help you get more ideas in making a balcony garden, we offer the following suggestions:

1. Proper gardening uses a canvas bag that is sturdy enough to hold soil and hang

You can grow tomatoes, herbs…This is a great idea if you don’t have a hanging basket, saving money, making use of waste and helping the environment as well.

2.  The clay pots are arranged one on another using threaded steel and screws

Clay pots are very suitable for growing plants because of their ability to retain moisture, but these pots when designed for vertical gardens, you need to use sturdy items to connect them together because they are relatively heavy, that’s why steel has threads and screws

3.  Use a stand to hold the pot

This way you can use a lot of vertical space of your balcony, while also helping you to replace new plants with ease.

4.  Using a hanging basket with a wooden name tag is a pretty good idea for you.

These hanging baskets with nametags look very interesting, don’t you, you can write your name on it or name your balcony garden with cool-sounding names like “Garden in the Clouds” , “Happy garden”,…

5.  Use foam box or wooden box

To grow plants, combine shelves with multiple floors or hang on the railing to save space

6. Take advantage of the railing to hang many plant baskets

These are chosen by many of you because of its convenience, you do not need to design anything fancy, just a basket of plants and hangers, you can help your balcony have more vitality by color. green of trees. 

7.  Make a wooden hanger or hanging rope to connect the pots as shown

If you are a picky person and want your balcony garden to look stylish, this option is quite suitable for you, to make these wooden hanging racks, you also need to spend a lot of time. And that more meticulousness, in addition to beauty, also needs to have certainty.

8. Using chains to connect pots is also an idea for you

If you want to hang large heavy pots to grow plants on your balcony garden, you need big chains to be strong enough to support these pots one after another.

9. Make the most of the wall so that you can plant some decorative varieties

What do you think about the following idea:

10.  Use colorful pots. Why not?

I am a color lover or people call me a colorful person, multi-colored pots are definitely my priority, if you also have the same color preferences as me, please shake hands immediately. Come in to decorate your garden standing on your peacock so brilliant!

Use any of these ideas for your balcony garden if you want to optimize the space, you will enjoy this interesting work.

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