11 Essential Notes When Designing a Rooftop Garden

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In densely populated urban areas of the city even having a small roof or terrace is a wonderful thing. You can create a garden there. Where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air. Sure you can have many options for your garden design and style but these tips will be very helpful for you.

Notes for you when designing a rooftop garden

1. Keep and create open space

A small roof, if kept open, will also become wide and airy. Consider, for example, clear glass instead of a balustrade wall; fence, railing or you can even create a fence around. However, if you are concerned about privacy and want to block the prying eyes of your neighbors, ignore this note.

2. Planting trees 

If you have a large terrace and the view is not very good, you want to plant more trees around the walls to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by the city. Grow tall plants like bamboo and a combination of grasses. You can also plant shrubs if you want. 

3. Create a Big Bed Garden

If you have a roof, the idea of ​​​​creating a bed garden adjacent to the walls is not a bad idea. You can add raised garden beds made of wood or beds made from metal. If you like, you can also build wide and deep concrete beds in which you can even grow tall shrubs and small trees and with maintenance pruning and root pruning regularly throughout the year. You need to control their growth.

For raised beds make sure you use a waterproof membrane and put in a thick root barrier that can block the roots and avoid damage to the roof. A better idea is to make the bed raised and high from the surface so that the raised bed does not touch the surface of the roof and the roots of the tree may not be able to penetrate the ceiling. 

4. Plant and arrange the pots carefully

When it comes to rooftop garden design, you need to ensure and maintain variety in the size of the plants. A few large pots such as shrubs and small trees, which can be fixed in one location, are a good choice for you. Also, buying these pots in different sizes will give a great look to your rooftop garden.

5. Arrange the furniture

Plan before you buy the type of furniture you want to buy. Would you like to have a rooftop lounge or a dinner there? You have to choose what you want in the initial stage. Furniture that matches the style and theme of your garden will make your terrace more eye-catching and beautiful.

6. Add a highlight

A highlight for the terrace is enough for a beautiful design. Anything can be a center of attention. Some suggestions like a stream of water, a tall tree, a nice arrangement of a large bonsai or a statue, etc.

7. Add light to the Rooftop

During the evening, it is important that your terrace has enough light. Especially the location near the stairs or the door, it is a suitable place to put the light bulb. Moreover, single-roof lighting will make it look larger and more open.

8. Use no more than 3 main colors

Always choose one color as an accent color and one, two or more colors will follow its tone. Using different colors for the walls, floors, railings, furniture or potted plants will make your roof look too cluttered and messy. A bold color paired with a neutral color is best. Neutral colors like white, gray, beige, indigo also highlight the beauty of the plant.

9. Make the most of vertical space

Use vertical space to add garden space on your terrace, hang or grow plants on the walls, plant plants off the railing.

10. Beautiful floor is very important

Don’t skip the floor! Choose the flooring that suits your budget, the climate where you live, and the theme of your terrace garden.

11. Create a variety of colors for the terrace garden with plants

Use a balance of cool colors and warm colors to get a nice look. On a well-planned city house terrace garden, anything is possible. Plant trees, shrubs, foliage and annuals for an explosion of color.

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