Questions To Answer Before Starting Gardening

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Whether this is your first or 10th time gardening, a new year is the time to recharge your knowledge to refresh your garden.

Let’s review the questions that need to be answered when you garden!

Come January, you need to plan to plant your garden for the year. You try to figure out what plants to plant and how many to plant. You can start a larger scale garden to feed your whole family.

Setting your gardening goals will help keep you on track

Each year you can start your gardening plan by asking the questions: What do I need food for? What is your goal? Do you want to develop a new food? Does your garden want to expand?

Questions to help you create gardening goals?

– What are your goals and motivations when gardening ? Do you want to grow industrial crops to increase your income?
– What are the characteristics of the land of your garden?
– How much time do you have each day to garden?
– What are the biggest weather challenges in your area?  Drought?  Snow?  Season  Amount of rain?
– What is the main obstacle in your gardening?  (Time? Money? Space?)
– What is the size of your garden?  Do you need to create a garden or use potted plants?
– How to get the plants exposed to the necessary sunlight?
– Some concerns about the location of your garden? Flooding?
– What do you need to do to prevent chickens and dogs from destroying your garden?
– Have you been interested in pollinating insects (like bees)?  Do you plant pollinators?  Are you planting flowers to attract any pollinators?

Start refreshing your garden with specific goals and you will find the motivation to make very cute gardens!

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