9 Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Indoor Plants

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Taking care of houseplants is like taking care of a baby. You don’t know where the plants need to be, when the plants will lack water, how to grow well… If you are wondering why YOUR HOUSE PLANTS ARE DEAD even after taking great care of them. much and cherish it, that’s because there’s some mistake you’re making.

Here are 9 mistakes to avoid when growing houseplants because it can kill your plants.

1. Find a location where the tree is not suitable

Each plant will grow best if placed where they need to be. If you don’t know all the essentials, ask the people who have grown them, books or the internet. Putting them in an unsuitable location is sure to kill them sooner or later, quickly or slowly.

Mostly houseplants die for this reason. You must understand what a tree needs before you search for a suitable location for it. Some plants require shade, indirect light, or direct sunlight, while others require moisture. If the plant needs extra moisture, then keep it in a shaded area. Without doing so, all the moisture in the soil will dry out, and this will definitely kill the plant.

2. Change the planting location suddenly

Any plant needs some time to adapt to the changing space. When they are moved frequently, it becomes difficult for them to quickly adapt to the different conditions of the new environment.

3. Unsuitable planting land

We often say that plants lack soil, they stop breathing, you can’t make plants grow well if you plant them in the wrong soil. Choose soil rich in organic matter, good quality. 

Make sure the soil is suitable for the type of plant you are growing. Some plants will require a lot of moisture or a lot of soil, while other plants, such as cacti, which need light, grow even in sandy soil.

4. Incorrect amount of water supplied 

Even experienced gardeners make this mistake. People who are new to gardening or just starting to grow a plant think that adding more water will help it stay healthy and grow faster. However, especially indoors, where sunlight is scarce, the situation is different. Keeping the plant in soil with a dry surface is a good idea, but if the growing plant is a moisture-requiring plant, you must keep the soil moist. 

Research the water needs of the plants you want to grow. In addition, another important factor that determines the watering requirements of a plant is the climate in which you also need to consider.

5. Put the plant in a place with too much light or lack of light

Plants that need light will die if they are left in a place with no or very little light. It will grow more smoothly and better if you know the amount of light they need. 

6. Leave them in extreme temperatures

Whether the environment is indoor or outdoor, the temperature must be suitable for the plant to grow well. The best temperature for most plants to grow is 18-24 degrees Celsius, while some other plants can live in higher temperature extremes like cacti, A stable indoor operating temperature will do favorable plant growth.

7. Unsuitable pot or growing space

When choosing the pot or soil needed to plant plants, you should consider the length of time the plants grow, will the soil and potted plants meet their growth or not? When the leaves turn yellow, this is a sign that the plant is lacking light or growing space, so you should change the pot to a larger plant.

8. Forget to take care of them

Many of us often plant trees and then forget to take care of them, so we do not detect pests, do not provide the necessary water and nutrients when the plants need them. All of these will kill your plants.

9. Do not clean the leaves

Why clean leaves for plants? First, make them nicer and cleaner. Second, it makes the tree HEALTHY! Indoors, sunlight is scarce, and layers of dust that accumulate on the foliage of houseplants contribute to blocking direct or indirect sunlight and reducing the plants’ ability to photosynthesize. And as a result you get a plant that looks like it’s dead. 

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